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Preventative Maintenance

It pays to have a Preventative Maintenance Contract (PMC) with Authorized Pump Systems. The many benefits include:

  • Extended equipment life
  • Lower operating costs
  • Greater peak performance
  • Smoother operation and reduced stress on the irrigation system
  • Trending component to predict replacement
  • 10% discount on emergency service calls
  • 25% discount off the list price for parts

Authorized Pump Systems will do the following during each system maintenance 
visit for customers with a PMC:

  • Preliminary discussions with operators and observance of pump station operation
  • Inspect critical structure components for corrosion, wear and fatigue
  • Lubricate pump motors in accordance with latest motor manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Adjust packing glands and clean packing box drains
  • Check of each pump and motor for unusual vibration
  • Test each pump performance under varying flow conditions, if possible
  • Check system pressure, voltage and motor amperage at shut-off condition
  • Check all electrical connections for tightness, test all electrical components for proper operation and make adjustments, if necessary
  • Check condition and operation of all manual and check valves
  • Clean flowsensor and wye strainers in system controls
  • Test for operational correctness and make necessary adjustments to hydraulic control and relief valves, if applicable
  • Clean filters as required (certain filtration systems will require a dedicated trip to be invoiced separately)
  • Instruct on-site personnel in proper operation and maintenance of pumping equipment and controls


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